Research Shows Spending Time In Nature Makes You Happier


South Africa Initiates Herbal Medicine Regulation

The Herbal Drugs Research Unit at Tshwane University of Technology has announced plans to research, analyze, and document the healing properties of these indigenous plants. Professor Alvaro Viljoen, the Unit Director, said that South Africa is in a unique position to do this kind of research. “We have the plants,” Viljoen said, “and we have Read More


Herbal Conservation Park in Chennai

The University Of Madras (UNOM) in Chennai has set forth a proposed plan to build a world-class herbal conservation park. This park is to be built at the site of a field research lab, belonging to the Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany (CAS-B). The purpose of the park is to preserve and cultivate rare Read More


Independent Film about Paul Strauss and the Equinox Farm