Herbal Conservation Park in Chennai

The University Of Madras (UNOM) in Chennai has set forth a proposed plan to build a world-class herbal conservation park. This park is to be built at the site of a field research lab, belonging to the Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany (CAS-B).

The purpose of the park is to preserve and cultivate rare herbs that are heading towards extinction. CAS-B is to serve as a center and referral lab where NGOs and other research establishments can source samples of rare herbs.

Mr. AK Bhatnagar, president of Society for Conservation and Resource Development of Medicinal Plants (SMP), University of Delhi, stressed the importance of research and development in the cultivation of medicinal plants and in harnessing their medicinal properties. He added that the field of medicine and healing is about learning from all cultures, and any advances made in the the field of herbal sciences benefit the global community at large.